Procurement & Tendering


REALTEQS Tendering is an advanced software -oriented Estimation and Tendering with the perfect tender forecast of all elements. We use predictive business analytics tools to analyze the impact on each variable driving the winning probability of your Tender, which is not common in the market. Apart from the above, we do the following analysis and dashboards:

  • Compressive feasibility and Tender Appraisals to decide tender participation.
  • Software Oriented Estimation.
  • Tender queries, Contract Risk Analysis.
  • Direct and In-direct cost, Selling strategy.
  • Financial Analysis, Work Breakdown.
  • Predictive analysis for winning probability.
  • Executive Summary for Management.

REALTQS provides a comprehensive Post Tender strategic report, Post tender negotiation, Work execution strategy, SWOT report, Work breakdown structure, Risk Register, contract qualifications strategy, pricing strategy for variations, provisional sums, PC rates, and new rates.

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Cost Consultancy


Pre-contract services

  • Budget and Cost Estimate
  • Procurement, Packaging, Prequalification
  • Bill of Quantity, Cost Benchmark
  • Request for Proposal (RFP), Request for Quotation (RFQ)
  • Tender Queries, Negotiations, Value Engineering
  • Commercial and Technical Evaluations
  • Contract Negotiations and Finalization of Contract

Post-contract services

  • Construction Procedure Manuals, Templates, Payment Certificate procedures, Contract Administration and Kick-off formalities
  • Administration of Contract, Contract correspondence
  • Site Measurements, Payment Valuation
  • Variation, Provisional Sum, Claims administration
  • Delay Analysis, EoT, and claim preparation and administration
  • Cost reconciliation, Cost Control
  • Risk Management
  • Commercial meetings, Claim settlement.
  • Cost Report
  • Project Presentations, Forecast, Cashflow
  • Management presentation
  • Final Account, Close-out

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Claim Consultancy

How we can help

  • Claims avoidance
  • Claims management
  • Claims drafting
  • Claims defense
  • Expert witness
  • Preparation of time delay analysis.
  • Determination of the extension of time (EoT).
  • Quantum evaluation
  • Forensic delay analysis
  • Termination, disruption, extension of time, Loss of Productivity, Loss of Overhead, additional payment, and variations-based claims

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Contract/Legal Service


Contract drafting Services:

  • Sales and Purchase Agreement
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)
  • Joint Venture Agreements (JV)
  • Agency Agreement
  • Service Provider Agreement
  • Construction Contract Agreement
  • Consultancy Agreement
  • Lease/Rental/Tenancy Agreements
  • Insurance and Guarantee Agreements
  • Term Agreements
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Affidavits and Power of Attorney
  • Performance Guarantees
  • Arbitration Agreements
  • Sub-Contractor and Vendor Agreements

Pre and Post Contract services:

  • FIDIC and bespoke Contract and Bidding documents
  • Claim drafting.
  • Contractual and Legal letters
  • Expert/ Peer review of Contract and Legal Documents
  • Arbitration Support and Expert Witness

Other Legal Support Service

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Project Management

We assure you the best project management services by using innovative solutions and rich resources.


Pre-contract services

  • Risk management
  • Schedule benchmarking
  • Change management
  • Value engineering
  • Design feasibility reviews
  • Design and engineering management
  • Procurement and Tendering 
  • Contract management
  • Cost control
  • Construction and Handover Management

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Real Estate Consultancy

Our innovative real estate service called 'Tree-model' solutions for the real estate business model assures you the best value proposition with unique business solutions to safeguard your business.

We do in-depth feasibility before showcasing the investment model as we believe facts and evidence are paramount for our investors. We find the right resources, cost-effective solutions, and products from our massive network, such as the best quality design, construction methodology, materials and suppliers, operation and contract strategy, sales and marketing, innovative products and services, etc.

Our Services


In-depth Market analysis with Development model and Land use utilization.

Market Benchmark, Statistics, Historical data drives the business.

Master Budget-Revenue Vs. Cost Financial model.

Investment strategy, Operational model, Cash Flow Forecast

Business Analytics and Predictive Model showing independent and Dependent Variables driving the model

Comprehensive Contractual, Commercial, Operational SWOT/Risk Analysis.



Master Budget, Packaging, Request for Proposal, Contract Documents, Tendering, Contract Negotiation, Value Engineering, Project Execution Plan and Implementation, Post Contract Services, etc.

Value Engineering, Alternative Designs, Cost-Effective Project Models.



Sales and Marketing Plan, Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Procurement and Contract formation for Marketing, Sales, Agencies.

KPI and Revenue Forecast Monitoring

Reports to Board of Directors

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Contractors Services in UAE

We connect you to best innovative solutions for all your construction needs

Access the massive data and up-to-date contact information for Employers, architects, developers, and engineers to build relationships vital to your company’s success.